The Old West.

Bank robberies. Shootouts.  Boot Hill Cemetery. Hard-drinking, hard-driving, handsome cowboys. Stoic women, fallen doves, and tough-as-nails cowgirls. Our fascination with the old west transcends morality and geographic boundaries.

And the personalities of the Old West — Billy the Kid. Butch and Sundance. The Wild Bunch. Black Bart. Annie Oakley. Big Nose Kate.  Common criminals in their day; celebrities in the 21st century.

Why do we watch the movies, buy the memorabilia, attend the reenactments, make pilgrimages to Tombstone, Hole in the Wall, Dodge City? Why do we excuse, admire – and maybe even fantasize about — robbers, murderers, gamblers? Why is it all so romantic and exciting? What was it really like back then?

Mark Bentley, the Cowboy Reporter, tells the real stories of the old west and its characters. Mark goes beyond the Hollywood veneer to the real deal — the dirt, the mud, the muck. The outlaws and lawmen – cowgirls and gunslingers – the people and places we glamorize and love. And told with depth and wit, as only Mark can.

Have you heard of Isom Dart, the African-American cowboy who trained Butch Cassidy’s horses?  How about Minnie Snyder, imprisoned for behaving too much like a man? No? Then download a podcast today!

Want to delve deeper into the stories? See photos of actual locations instead of movie sets? Program notes on this website will immerse you the lives and locales – without a saddle!

The “Cowboy Reporter” – how the West was won – and lost.  Hang on for a wild ride!